Stand Up Paddle at Chingsui Cliffs

* Every year during May 1st to September 30th are the best months for ocean kayaking at the ChingSui Cliffs. The location is close to Taroko National Park in Hualien, generally tourists take a bus to see this famous sightseeing. Let's see the spectacular cliffs from different side, go kayaking on the gradient blue ocean with good weather and flat wave. The story about ChingSui Cliffs, in 1542, on a way to Japan, the Portuguese passed through an island that did not exist on the map. The sailors on the boat looked at the lush forest on the island and could not help but exclaim. "Ilha Formosa" means the island of beauty. It is marked as FORMOSA (Formosa) in the western world. 


*Exclusive in Summer, open for every day.

  • There are three different groups a day. Gears up 15 minutes before the course, then you can spend more time on the ocean.

  • We design the Kayaking course for full of 3 hours, it sutible for most of peoples' physical energy. The time is not too short or too long, so you can enjoy kayaking with comfortable, easy, interesting mind. 

  • Group E is our exclusive course, enjoy two kind of fun in one course.



Step 4. Choose your course

Always get the beautiful photos with ChingSui Cliffs background in all kind of group.

Group A  04:45meet up /  08:00end / minimum 4 people ......1,700/人

Sunrise time, paddling SUP on the Eastern Pacific Ocean, what a romance :) 

04:45 meet up, 05:00 gears intro., 05:10 go to beach,07:30 simple shower, 08:00 end

Remark: drive from Hualien City to meet up point, please depart before 04:00 and meet up 04:45 on time.

Group B   07:45meet up / 11:00end / minimum 4 people ......1,500/人

Full of energy, jumping into the Pacific Ocean from kayak, so exciting :D 

07:45 meet up, 08:00 gears intro., 08:10 go to beach,010:30 simple shower, 11:00 end

Remark: drive from Hualien City to meet up point, please depart before 07:00 and meet up 07:45 on time.

Group C   13:45meet up / 17:00end / minimum 4 people ......1,500/人

Afternoon time, watching the peace mountain & ocean, kinda enjoyment :> 

13:45 meet up, 14:00 gears intro., 14:10 go to beach,16:30 simple shower, 17:00 end

Remark: drive from Hualien City to meet up point, please depart before 13:00 and meet up 13:45 on time.

Group E    Exclusive course, time for BC minimum 4 people ......1,500/人

Try Kayaking and SUP both, enjoy two kinds of fun in one course :o 


*Departure to meet up point 

Keep yourself safe on the way and take care of driving hours, for every participant's right, we will start the course on time.

If you drive

Find our base on Google Maps “無痕海洋 or click link >

Drive from Hualien City to Suhua Highway, after Chongde station about 2 minutes, turn right to a slope , and get the parking direction by our guide.

If you take a train

One way ticket is NT32, 15 minutes walking to our base.

Group A

Because the time is very early, so no train you can take. Suggest you rent a car, motorcycle, or book transportation service.

Group B

<<07:03 Hualien station - 07:24 Chongde station

>>11:03 Chongde station - 11:26 Hualien station

Group C

<<13:10 Hulaien station - 13:31 Chongde station

>>16:48 Chongde station - 17:11 Hualien station

If you book a Transportation Service

Transportation service is provided by professional driver from legal transportation company and 5 million passenger insurance is included. 
Get on car in front of your hotel or hostle of Hualien City, to our meetup point directly without wasting your travel time to wait for other passengers on the way, and drive you back to hotel of Hualien City after course. The heigh quality special car service is $300/p. 


*FAQ before River Tracing courses. 

1. Three important subjects from our outdoor activities:

Leave No Trace, water safety education, the most worthwhile passenger experience! Nature are the most precious and cannot be replicated resources. We share Leave No Trace idea in all of our activities and get close to nature in the most friendly way. As outdoor instructors live in Taiwan this island-type country, we know we have mission to deliver self-help skills on the water, that will help to protect yourself from playing water anywhere. In Hualien, this tourist attraction, we would like to provide more affordable, entertaining and educational outdoor activities for travellers and inspire more people join outdoor activities easily.

2. How we do SUP with LNT rules ?

We share Leave No Trace idea in all of our activities, if see trash flowing on ocean or beach, we will pick them up, carry them back to our base to arrange them,  and take the opportunity to do lessons in minutes. Most of participates enjoy the moment of help ocean and our environment.

3. Can I attend SUP if I can't swim ?

Yes, you can. Our high buoyancy life jackets are equivalent to the level used by water rescue workers. Wearing our high buoyancy life jackets is very comfortable on the river, do not take off any relevant safety gears.

4. Does SUP exhausted you?

Our outdoor courses are designed for all beginners and travellers, which are suitable for most of peoples' physical energy. Even you don't have daily exercise hobbits, you can still enjoy our activities. If you are fitness lovers, our guide can still give you special challenge.

5. Who should not attend SUP?

Age about 15 to 60 can attend SUP. If you are pregnant, have had major surgery recently, and have major wounds on your body, please do not attend. Those who are suffering from other cardiovascular diseases or who are unable to engage in stimulating activities must take their own discretion.

6. Can I attend Kayaking during menstrual period ?

Yes, you can. According to female guides and attendances, you can enjoy river tracing as long as you feel well and use tampon or moon cup. Let our guide know if you feel uncomfortable during activity.

7. What should I wear ?

Firstly, wear swimming suit, put on t-shirt and pants, wear sandals or slippers. After meet up, you can just take off T-shirt and pants, and put on life jacket, it will save your time on changing clothes. Notice: heavy cotton and jeans are not allowed. Take off all accessories, in case get hurt during activity.

8. What kind of weather will cancel Kayaking ?

If it's going to have Typhoon, heavy rain, or big wave, etc. We will announce you few days earlier than participate date, and 100% refund.

9. Will you offer photo service while Kayaking ?

Yes, it's free service. Our guide will take photos for all participants during activity. Remember to add our customer service(Line:@swy8855u) as friend online to get download link.

10. Do you offer drag SUP service?

We don’t drag kayak by using IRB which should be used for rescue emergency, so the wild life won’t hear harsh machine sounds because of human entertainment or stir the black smoke into the water, so they often swim with us.

P6090461 copy.jpg

*Take care of your safe, confirm insurance by every item, fulfill your rights.

Insurance for Kayaking

Apply NT$48,000,000 Public Accident Liability Insurance yearly, insurance papaer no.: 0508-19APL0000337
The maximum compensation for each human injury is NT$3,000,000. The maximum compensation for each accidental injury is NT$24,000,000, and the maximum compensation for each accident is 2,000,000.

Insurance for Transportation

Servered by legal vehicle dispatch company and professional driver, apply NT$5,000,000 passenger insurance. Pick you up in front of your hotel or hostle of Hualien City, to our meetup point directly, and drive you back to hotel of Hualien City after course.

●The most important protection

We are a legally registered outdoor activity company, the activity can be invoiced (tax plus). Our outdoor guides are not only has open water lifeguard certification, but also the part of Taroko National Park search and rescue team and emergency medical technicians. Therefore, we regard safety as the first criterion before conducting various outdoor activities. In the risk assessment, the overall activity process and passenger safety are considered in the most rigorous manner. As long as there is a risk, we will notify attendances in advance for rearrange participate date or refund.


*Gear introduction, various security:

  • Every attendance has a quick-drying full-cover safety helmet, equivalent to the level used by water rescue workers. There is a knob at the back of the hat to adjust the head circumference, and the chin part is adjustable. The CE label as the picture.

頭盔 copy.jpg
  • Every attendance has a high buoyancy life jacket, equivalent to the level used by water rescue workers, The floating material is UL certified by the United States and invested NT$10,000,000 product liability insurance to make your safety more secure. The life jacket has small pockets on the chest to keep your small things like glasses or camera, large pocket on the back to carry bigger things like water bottle. Size resolution: shoulder strap color on both shoulders, red: M is for 45-65kgs, black: L/XL is for 65-90kgs, yellow: XXL is for 90-110kgs .

  • Every participant has a paddle, adjustable length according to your height, so that you can hold and paddle it easily. One person on one stylished hard board, move lightly and stand easily. Please keep stay around our guide. Train the balance of the body and find the balance on your mind as well. The board is about 300cm long, 83cm wide and 20cm thick, and can bear 150kg.


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